What we do

Novels in French or English for lovers and discoverers of  Literature.

We offer vintage (and other) used novels, to feed your love of  Literature.  Individual purchase or one every two months.  Where will your journey take you?

“Savoir, penser, rêver, tout est là”


How it works

We send you a ‘surprise’ novel in French or English. We feel sure you will love it.  If not, simply return it and we will replace it. 

 Novels in French or English for lovers and discoverers of  Literature.

The package includes:

Your surprise novel.  

A hand-made bookmark in high quality card created by ‘The Design Conspiracy’  (www.thedesignconspiracy.com) and a beautiful vintage french postcard.


“Lire, c’est rêver les yeux ouverts”

Pricing and payments:

One novel = £8.00

Three novels (one every two months) = £20.00

Simply choose your payment package and indicate French or English.


“Lire, c’est voyager n’importe où, n’importe quand”



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